Is it possible to find a job at the moment?

With these strange times upon us nothing seems very certain at the moment. Some people are finding they are busier at work, if they work in one of the shops that is open for example and others may be worried if they have a job to go back to. It is not an ideal time to be looking for work but you may have no choice too if the business you worked for is no longer trading.

There are a number of industries which are recruiting at the moment, some of which are in the retail sector, some in the cleaning industry and some in the manufacturing industry for example.

You will need to be quick if you are looking for work as there are a lot of people who are in the same situation. If you leave it too long there may be even more people out of work so competition levels will be even higher and therefore you will be competing against more people for the position.

Make sure that you have your CV ready and a sample cover letter than you can adapt so you are ready to apply for the vacancy as soon as it becomes available.

Applying for your first teaching job

As you approach the end of your teaching degree at university you will need to begin the process of applying for teaching positions. If your situation dictates that you have to work in your own locality then you probably have the advantage of knowing the schools you are applying to and may even know the staff in these schools so that you can get an insight into the ethos of the school and its friendliness. If, however you are applying for positions in another area of the country it is important to visit the school beforehand if possible and look at the current Ofsted report to get an overview of the school.

Once you have decided on a few positions that you wish to apply for you will need to request application forms and job descriptions. These may be accessible online which is sometimes easier.

As you complete the application forms make sure that all the spellings are correct especially the name of the school and the headteacher as it gives a bad first impression if these mistakes are made.

Ensure that you include all teaching experience that you have accrued during your course and any voluntary work you may have undertaken as this will be taken into account in most cases.

Getting a number of references for a job vacancy you have applied for

When applying for a job you will often find that most employers will ask for at least one reference from a previous employer. Depending on what job you are applying for you may need to give more than one, this may be a personal reference and a work reference. Most universities and colleges now even ask for references from people that are applying to go on certain courses so they can get an idea of what your character is like and how well you work. These references may be able to be completed by a former tutor.

When choosing who you want to ask for a reference you may be limited and only be able to give one or two employers, but if you do have a choice make sure you pick someone recent but who is most likely to be able to give you a good reference. You may not be able to give your current employer as they may not be aware that you are applying for a new job. If you do want to give them as a reference then you need to ask that they are not contacted, unless you have been offered the position. Companies like to see references from people you have worked with in similar job roles to the one that you are applying for.

Personal references should be provided by someone that has known you for a while but ideally not family.

Working in the health industry

Many people think that if you work in the health industry you are well looked after, great rates of pay and lots of perks, but often this is far from the truth. For the majority of people working in the health industry, conditions are often far from ideal. If yo work as a nurse in a hospital for example, you will often have to work shifts. This will include swapping from days to nights and possibly covering other peoples shifts at last minute. You will also have to work overtime some of the time as if you are halfway through doing something for a patient you can not just clock off on the time you are supposed to finish, you will need to stay until you are not needed.

Pay for the doctors and consultants is often quite good, but the nurses and receptionists are often on a quite poor rate especially when you consider exactly what they have to do.

Although the pay isn’t great and the hours can be extremely long and tough, working in the health industry is often a very rewarding job. Knowing that you have helped someone can be enough to override all the negative aspects of the job.

How does using a recruitment company work?

If you are a business owner and looking to employer extra staff, then you may consider using a recruitment agency.

There are a few different types of recruitment agencies, some specialise in finding people permanent job roles whereas others specialise in finding temporary work on a regular basis. You may also find a recruitment agency that offers both.

As an employer you may chose a recruitment company based on the fees they charge, or you may go off recommendations or review.

If you are an individual looking to use a recruitment company to find you work, you may decide which recruitment agency to use depending on what type of work you are looking for. If you are in desperate need of a job and do not mind what you are doing as long as you have an income the temporary work may be the answer as they can find you work quickly, but it is also worthwhile registering with ones that search for more permanent positions in the meantime.  

The way recruitment agencies make their money can vary, often agencies that are recruiting staff on a permanent basis charge the employer their fees whereas most temporary work agencies take a percentage of employee’s salary to cover the costs.