Making a good first impression on a job interview

If you are currently in the process of looking for work then you may of already been invited to at least one job interview. Most employers like to interview candidates prior to offering them the job as you cannot always tell just from a CV what a person is like and whether you think they would fit well in to your business.

If you have applied for a job and be selected for an interview, then this is your chance to shine. An interview is often your one and only chance to show the interviewer what you are capable of and why they should hire you. With the recent coronavirus outbreak, many people have found themselves without a job so jobs are currently in high competition. Some employers will look for even the smallest reason to discount you from a long list of candidates, something which you don’t want to happen. Make sure you arrive in good time for your interview and dress smartly. Even if you will be wearing casual clothes on the job, it is a good idea to slightly over dress.

The first few minutes of an interview are crucial and can often be make or break. The first impressions you make are important and will often influence the rest of the interview.

How to gain experience in an industry

If you are looking to change career paths then you may need to get some experience in the industry before you start applying for jobs. This may be difficult as no one will give you a job without experience but you cannot get experience without doing the job. Often the only way to overcome this is to do voluntary work.

 It may be that your potential employer is looking for someone with the relevant qualifications but they will often favour a candidate if they have experience in the same or similar job role as what is being advertised as it may mean they have to spend less time training them, which can be costly.

For some people, leaving an employed job to take up voluntary work to gain experience is simply not an option but you could always look in to doing voluntary work at weekends or in the evening. You may be able to go into an apprenticeship to train for a new job. There is no upper age limit for apprenticeships but funding is slightly different so it is worth looking in to exactly how it works before taking the plunge. You may feel like you are taking a step back but often you have to do this in order to move forward.

How to be a good employer that people want to work for

The job of an employer is very hard. You need to ensure that you get the balance right – too nice and you may be taken advantage of, too strict and you may lose staff or find that they don’t work very hard if they are not happy.

Recruitment can also be a challenging task when running your own business. If you have advertised a job vacancy, you may be inundated with applications, but find that many are simply nowhere near suitable and haven’t got the skills you stipulated. Potential employees want to know that they will be happy in their job and that they will be looked after. If your business has a reputation for being a good place to work you may find the applications flooding in from good quality applicates. If yo struggle to get any applicates or poor-quality ones then you may need to revaluate your employer techniques. You need to think carefully about several points that hugely affect job satisfaction for your employees. This includes pay, if you are seen to reward your staff and pay fairly, people will respect and want to work for you.

Is it possible to find a job at the moment?

With these strange times upon us nothing seems very certain at the moment. Some people are finding they are busier at work, if they work in one of the shops that is open for example and others may be worried if they have a job to go back to. It is not an ideal time to be looking for work but you may have no choice too if the business you worked for is no longer trading.

There are a number of industries which are recruiting at the moment, some of which are in the retail sector, some in the cleaning industry and some in the manufacturing industry for example.

You will need to be quick if you are looking for work as there are a lot of people who are in the same situation. If you leave it too long there may be even more people out of work so competition levels will be even higher and therefore you will be competing against more people for the position.

Make sure that you have your CV ready and a sample cover letter than you can adapt so you are ready to apply for the vacancy as soon as it becomes available.

Applying for your first teaching job

As you approach the end of your teaching degree at university you will need to begin the process of applying for teaching positions. If your situation dictates that you have to work in your own locality then you probably have the advantage of knowing the schools you are applying to and may even know the staff in these schools so that you can get an insight into the ethos of the school and its friendliness. If, however you are applying for positions in another area of the country it is important to visit the school beforehand if possible and look at the current Ofsted report to get an overview of the school.

Once you have decided on a few positions that you wish to apply for you will need to request application forms and job descriptions. These may be accessible online which is sometimes easier.

As you complete the application forms make sure that all the spellings are correct especially the name of the school and the headteacher as it gives a bad first impression if these mistakes are made.

Ensure that you include all teaching experience that you have accrued during your course and any voluntary work you may have undertaken as this will be taken into account in most cases.