Applying for your first teaching job

As you approach the end of your teaching degree at university you will need to begin the process of applying for teaching positions. If your situation dictates that you have to work in your own locality then you probably have the advantage of knowing the schools you are applying to and may even know the staff in these schools so that you can get an insight into the ethos of the school and its friendliness. If, however you are applying for positions in another area of the country it is important to visit the school beforehand if possible and look at the current Ofsted report to get an overview of the school.

Once you have decided on a few positions that you wish to apply for you will need to request application forms and job descriptions. These may be accessible online which is sometimes easier.

As you complete the application forms make sure that all the spellings are correct especially the name of the school and the headteacher as it gives a bad first impression if these mistakes are made.

Ensure that you include all teaching experience that you have accrued during your course and any voluntary work you may have undertaken as this will be taken into account in most cases.

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