Commuting for a job

Finding work can be stressful and if you have been looking for a long time or are in desperate need of an income you may find yourself applying for jobs that are not really what you want or may not be practical for you.

If you are looking at taking a job that involves a long commute to work then you will need to be aware of the complications this may have and if you are willing to accept them. Communing to work can have an effect on your life in many different ways. Firstly it will mean that you either have to get public transport or use a car which will increase your travel costs. This should be taken in to account when you are working out your salary as you may be better off to take a lower-paid job that is more local. It’s not only the extra fuel that will have to fork out for too, wear and tear on your car e.g. tyres and brakes, can all very quickly add up.

Having to travel a distance for work is going to increase the time you are out of the house every day and this can have an effect on your personal life. If you are having to leave very early in the morning and not getting back until late you may feel like you are getting little time to do anything else and your quality of life is suffering.

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