Is your business starting to fall flat

Often when we set up our own businesses, we hit it hard for the first couple of years. After the initial novelty has started to wear off it is very easy to fall in to the trap of of becoming complacent and just letting your business tick over. Sometimes it’s ok to do this, if you have a lot of other commitments at that time or if you need to take things slowly for health reasons. Sometimes though, we just need to give ourselves a quick reminder of what we are trying to achieve and why we’re are doing the job we are.

Being self employed is not always easy. There are many downsides to being self employed that may sometimes make you question of it is really all worth it. At times like that it is important to think about what the positives are. For example, if you have younger children at home it may be that you are able to work around school hours so can be there to pick them up and drop them off. This is actually a huge advantage and one that you are u likely to get if you were working in an employed job.

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