Job opportunities in a rural area

When living in a rural area it can be hard to try and find employment opportunities. There are a lot of benefits in living in a small town or village but this can hinder finding work.  Often smaller areas have a lower cost of living, tight knit communities and picturesque views but when it comes to job vacancies you may find that there are very limited options available to you.

Many people find that setting up their own business can work well if you are able to connect to the locals. Businesses such as hairdressers, electricians and gardeners are often always in need in rural communities.

Be sure to carry out some market research to find out what people are looking for and what prices they would be willing to pay. Social media can be a great way of doing this if you do not want to approach people face to face or simply do not have the time.

When searching for employment, be sure to have your CV up to date. You may need to be willing to travel a little further afield to find employment opportunity. If you do not drive then you may need to look for buses or trains that fit in with your working hours.

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