Self employed? Don’t forget about your training

Being self employed can have many perks and advantages but it also often comes with a lot of responsibility. Depending on what industry you are in, you may need to ensure you are kept up to date with latest advances in technology or legal / safety procedures.

It is all too easy to get a little complacent when you are self employed and not really realise the important of keeping up to date with advances in your industry. This can lead to legal issues if you advise someone incorrectly or simply make people lose faith in who you are wand what you can do.

Many companies offer courses to business owners or self employed people to allow them to get themselves up to scratch with these advances and will guide them through recent changes and up and coming changes that may affect them in their role. They may also offer courses on time management or sales, which can be very useful to many people who are in a self employed role.

You may even consider taking a course that is not within your business industry such as accounting to allow you to have a better overview of your finances and how to work out tax etc.

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