Working in the health industry

Many people think that if you work in the health industry you are well looked after, great rates of pay and lots of perks, but often this is far from the truth. For the majority of people working in the health industry, conditions are often far from ideal. If yo work as a nurse in a hospital for example, you will often have to work shifts. This will include swapping from days to nights and possibly covering other peoples shifts at last minute. You will also have to work overtime some of the time as if you are halfway through doing something for a patient you can not just clock off on the time you are supposed to finish, you will need to stay until you are not needed.

Pay for the doctors and consultants is often quite good, but the nurses and receptionists are often on a quite poor rate especially when you consider exactly what they have to do.

Although the pay isn’t great and the hours can be extremely long and tough, working in the health industry is often a very rewarding job. Knowing that you have helped someone can be enough to override all the negative aspects of the job.

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