Is now the time to start job hunting again?

Over the last 12 months the recruitment industry has been very up and down. Some industries have boomed and have had to take on more staff, such as supermarkets and delivery companies, whereas others have had staff furloughed for a long period of time and have had to make cutbacks. During the last 12 months there has been so much uncertainty that many businesses have not looked at expanding and many employees have decided to not even consider changing jobs. No that there finally seems to be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel and lockdown restrictions are staring to be eased, it is likely that employment will start to rise again. It may not happen just yet but now is the perfect time to start preparing to apply for jobs. You need to get your CV in order and ready to act quickly some a job become available which you want to apply for.

Registering on jobs boards will allow you to keep an eye on what is happening in the recruitment world and quickly respond to vacancies that come up. This may give you a head start and allow you to be the first inline when the job market does start to increase again.

Are friendships important at school?

With so many children not only missing out on the educational aspect of school but also the social aspect, parents are worried what long-term effect this may have. School is a place for learning and although most of the learning is academic, it also plays a big role in social development too. Children who go to school learn how to share and interact with each other. They learn about how to deal with problems and what makes a good friend.

Many children struggle with friendships at school from quite an early age. It may be the first time a child has spent a lot of time with other children if they haven’t been to nursery or are an only child. It is quite common for a child to worry about friendships and often this can have a knock-on effect on their school work. You may find that if your child is struggling with friendships that they start to say they don’t want to go to school. It can be increasingly harder to encourage them to go.

If your child is really struggling with friendships then it may be a good idea to go in and speak to the teacher about the issue. They may be able to move them round so they have the opportunity to spend time with other people and make new friends that way.

Are work interviews still able to take place?

Going for a job interview can be daunting at the best of times, but at the moment it can be even harder. Before lockdown, many companies were still doing face to face interviews, just socially distanced, but during periods of stricter lockdowns, many have reverted back to virtual interviews. This is not idea for employers as it can be hard to get a true perspective of a person across on a video call.

If you are looking for work then you should grab any opportunity with both hands, because at present jobs are in high demand so you may not get as many offers as you may do during normal circumstances.

When preparing for a video interview it is important to consider what you wear and also what is in your background. This is often something that people neglect to do and it can have a big impression. Try to avoid doing video call interviews from your bedroom as it can look unprofessional. Make sure that the room is tidy (or at least the bit that can be seen) and wear clothes that you would if you were attending an interview in person. Be prepared and have any notes etc that you need to hand and try and test your camera and microphone before the call starts.

Festive job hunting woes

This time of the year is often a very joyous one for many people but this year has been quite a challenge and there are people who have lost their jobs or struggling to get back on little money due to the Covid pandemic. This may make Christmas an extremely hard time as it is a time when we often have to spend extra money buying presents for children or friends and family. If you are struggling to find work, then you may be able to find luck asking in supermarkets or retailers that are often busy around this period. Aldo delivery drivers are in high demand at the moment but many ask that you have your own transport.

If you are worried about money and cannot seem to find a job, then it is a good idea to approach a job agency. They may be able to offer you temporary work which will give you the opportunity to get a couple of weeks wages under your belt before the big day. Some agencies will ask you to work a week in hand so you not get paid initially but then have a steady income throughout Christmas and new year.

Retired but want to keep working?

For many people retiring from a career possibly that you have spent many years in, can leave you with mixed emotions. Days spent rushing out to work in the morning are certainly not missed but the companionship of colleagues and the structure to your day to day life is often something that new retirees comment on and miss but are there jobs out there for people who don’t want or need to work as much as a younger person?

Finding a job that is suitable for someone who is retired can be difficult as some employers do not offer part time roles and it may be that you do not want to spend every day at work at this stage in your life. One option is to seek out a job in retail as part time work is generally available in this sector. Some more forward-thinking companies encourage older people to apply for roles as they have seen the benefits of a more mature approach to working.

Jobs in call centres are another possibility for retirees as most of the work will be carried out seated while some companies allow employees to work from home.

If it is not necessary for you to earn any money you may be able to volunteer at a charity shop or community café in your local area as they are always looking for help and support.