Getting your classroom ready for the new school year

As the summer holidays approach lots of teachers are looking forward to a well earned rest, but before they can completely switch off, they need to think about preparing for the new term. Some teachers prefer to get everything done at the start of the holiday where as others like to have a good few weeks where they don’t have to think about work and go in at the end of the holidays.

If you are moving classrooms then you will probably have even more work to do than others. Ideally you want to start preparing for this during the last week or so of school. Start by taking down displays and sorting out cupboards so when the time come to move your stuff, it is relatively easy.

If you are going in during the holidays, you may want to time it when other members of staff are mostly off site. This will allow you to get on with your tasks without disruption and you will probably find that you get much more done this way.

It may be a good idea to have two or three days in school at the start of the holiday and then go back in for a day or two at the end just to finish off. Teachers often say that they can relax more when they know the majority of their work has been done.

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