Improving your chances of promotion in the teaching profession

After gaining a few years teaching experience many teachers start to think about their career progression and whether they want to stay at classroom teacher level or whether they have an ambition to become a lead teacher, deputy head or a head teacher. If you want to gain promotion it may not be possible to stay at the school where you are currently working as it will depend on there being a vacant role. Should a promotion opportunity exist in your school it is important to let the senior team know your intention to apply and ask how you could improve your chances of being successful. Taking on extra, sometimes unpaid, responsibilities to benefit the school is always worthwhile and will add to your skill set. Additional qualifications or specialisms gained such as the ability to lead on a subject will be invaluable in your quest for promotion too.

If you need to set your sights further afield, applying for a new job can be stressful but it can also be seen as an exciting way to pursue new challenges. Your application form should convey your desire to progress in your career and clearly state your qualifications and any experience you have gained in your present role.

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