Managing the transition from school to university

The majority of A level exams have now been completed and many students are taking a well earned break to recoup and have a much needed rest. If a student is wanting to go to university they will need to wait until they have got their A level results to check if they have been accepted on to the course and university of their choice.

It can be a big change when you make the switch from a school or college to university and you may find it hard to adapt initially. University is quite often about independent learning, and you have to be motivated to work on your own, meet deadlines, revise and research. You will not be pushed as much as at school to attend, so if you do not put the effort in the chances are you will not be successful. Without drive and determination you’ll likely to struggle with the university workload and timetable.

You are paying for your lecturer’s time (unlike schools where education is mandatory for younger pupils) and if you decide to reject their advice and wisdom then they do not necessarily have the obligation to chase you up and demand attention

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