Preparing students for SAT’s

With Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATS fast approaching many teachers are working hard to ensure that their students know all they need to in readiness for the exams. Key Stage One SATS are fairly low key and little pressure is put on to the children. The SATS at this stage are more for the teachers to gauge how much progress is being made an areas that individual or majorities are struggling with.
Key Stage Two SATS are undertaken in exam conditions and the rules and regulations are stricter.
You may need to revisit topics that you have covered early on in the year to ensure that the children still remember how to do something. It is often a good idea to print off some previous years’ exam papers so not only do the children have chance to practise the type of questions they may be asked but also to get used to how exam papers are laid out.
One vital point to make to students is to read the questions carefully. Often the exam papers are worded in a way that can trick the students if they mis-read it or scan read it. This can often cause children who are very intelligent to miss out on a number of points simply because they didn’t answer the question that was being asked.

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